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Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance in Dallas | Ask the Property Management Expert

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Heating and air conditioning units require seasonal tune ups if they’re going to continue working properly and efficiently. We’re talking to Brian, the owner of Keller Services, who is one of our preferred vendors. He’s going to tell us what they do and how to preserve the life of air conditioning units in your rental property.

Seasonal Tune Ups for Heating/Air Systems

The seasonal tune ups should include checking blower wheels, filters, and the general operation of the unit and its capacitors. There is a laundry list of things that the technicians will do to make sure it’s running properly and not in danger of breaking. Mainly, these inspections are to check the operation of the unit. We want to make sure things are going well, and if it looks like there might be a problem, we’ll let you know.

Why Seasonal Inspections are Important

Heating and Air ConditioningOwners may wonder why these seasonal checkups matter. You don’t want to wait until something breaks or goes bad with your heating and cooling system. It’s much better to have someone out every spring and every fall to make sure you aren’t going to have problems once it gets cold or hot. If something is going bad, we can catch it before it becomes too expensive and time consuming. Let’s say you have a dirty coil. That can lead to a bad compressor. So if you fix it now, it will cost a lot less than it will cost to replace a compressor or a blower motor. If you’re not having regular inspections, you run a bigger risk of having the system break down. That will cause untimely interruptions in the running of your rental property. When things go wrong, tenants can get pretty mad. You can save hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars to have this system serviced and cleaned on a regular basis.

If you have any questions about seasonal preparations required for your property, please contact us at McCaw Property Management.