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Dallas/Forth-Worth Property Management Fees

Different property owners have different needs. 

Some need full-service property management packages, while others only want support for a specific area, such as leasing. 

McCaw Property Management offers a variety of services to support your rental business. Whatever your needs are, we have options to cover you with our dependable solutions. 

If you’d like to start off with the basics, you can try our Lease Only Plan. You’ll enjoy marketing property, market analysis, tenant screening, lease preparation, move-in property condition and direct deposits. 

Once you’re more comfortable, you can move up to a Full Service Management Plan. You’ll save more with its additional inclusions, such as an Owner and Tenant online Portal, and Monthly Owner Statements. You’ll also get all the benefits of the basic plan.

As your portfolio continues to grow, you can take advantage of the benefits of a Management Plus Plan. The discounts are bigger, and there are more inclusions providing more value in terms of cost accounting. You’ll also enjoy SUREVESTOR INC.’s Ultimate Landlord Protection Policy. This offers maximum coverage and risk protection. This is particularly useful when you have multiple properties to handle.

McCaw Property Management designed this flexible service and pricing structure knowing the rental business industry is dynamic. You might not require a particular service today, but tomorrow, your needs may change. We always strive to accommodate your needs.

See the table below for our pricing options:

McCaw Property Management Lease Only Full Service Management Management Plus
Management Fee N/A 8% of monthly rent collected $235 monthly
Tenant Placement 100% of first month’s rent 75% of first month’s rent 50% of first month’s rent
Marketing Property
Market Analysis
Landscape Services (Vacant Properties) N/A Price varies by square footage Price varies by square footage
Tenant Screening
Lease Preparation
Move-in Property Condition
Move-out Property Condition N/A
State Property Rental Code Compliance (Sec 92 – locks, doors, smoke detector Owners expense Owners expense Owners expense
Rent Collection First month’s rent only
Direct Deposit for Owner Draws
Lease Renewal $250 $100
Annual Property Condition Report $200 upon request by owner $100
Management Fees while vacant None None None
Eviction Administrative Services Negotiable $55.00 per hour
Eviction Protection Plan N/A $10 monthly
Eviction Third Party Filing Service Varies Varies
Maintenance Coordination N/A
Monthly Owner Statements & Annual 1099 1099 only
Owner and Tenant online Portal (online payments) N/A
Credit Reporting N/A
Landlord Protection Policy
SUREVESTOR INC. Scheer Premier
$355 per year $1,000 – $2,000 Monthly Rent
$455 per year $2,001 – $3,000 Monthly Rent
SUREVESTOR INC. Scheer Ultimate
HVAC Preventative Services (Tune-Up) N/A $75 twice a year per unit
  • McCaw Property Management is periodically compensated by third-party vendors.
  • There is a $50 utility fee setup per utility and $10 fee each time funds are added.
  • There will be a $50 trip fee to meet inspectors or appraisers at the property.
  • DFW Landlord Services is a subsidiary of McCaw Property Management.
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