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3 Tips for Handling Late Rent Payments as a Dallas/Fort Worth Landlord

3 Tips for Handling Late Rent Payments as a Dallas_Fort Worth Landlord - Article Banner

Even the best tenants may be late with rent from time to time, due to financial or personal issues that are temporary. As a landlord, it’s important that your rent comes in on time consistently every month so you can meet your own financial responsibilities. Charging a late fee is one way to deter tenants […]

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How to Prevent Tenant Damages to Your Dallas/Fort Worth Rental Property

How to Prevent Tenant Damages to Your Dallas_Fort Worth Rental Property - Article Banner

The potential for property damage is a common apprehension among would-be landlords. While property damage is rarely intentional, tenants may ignore minor issues like small leaks. A seemingly trivial issue like that can cause major damage in the long run, making it imperative that landlords take preventative measures against property damage. […]

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Can Landlords Deny Tenants with Service Animals? DFW Property Management Advice

A lot of the landlords we talk to would prefer to keep their rental units free of pets. Sometimes they have language in their lease agreements and marketing materials that identify their property as not open to pets. Or, they allow pets but place restrictions on what kind of animals a tenant may have. However, […]

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How Long Should it Take to Rent Your Fort Worth Rental Property?

How Long Should it Take to Rent Your Fort Worth Rental Property_

When you’re renting out a property in Fort Worth, you want to have it occupied by a well-qualified tenant as soon as possible. Not only does that jump-start your cash flow, it ensures someone is inside the home, taking good care of it. […]

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What Tax Deductions Are Associated With Owning Fort Worth Rental Property?


Owning Fort Worth rental property provides investors with an excellent way to earn short-term cash flow and long-term returns. It also comes with some tax benefits. While you will be required to report your rental income on your tax returns, you can also use several deductions that are unique to rental property owners. […]

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Do You Need to Register to Be a Landlord in Dallas, TX?

If you own rental property in Dallas, you have probably received a letter from the city of Dallas recently requiring you to register your home for rent. While this not something that is uncommon nationwide, it is new to the city of Dallas. We’re talking about what this means and how you should respond. If […]

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Will Your Condensing Unit Pass Inspection in Dallas? Ask the Property Management Expert

Inspecting your condensing unit in Dallas is critical in ensuring your home is compliant with all the necessary codes and regulations. You also want to inspect it regularly to make sure it’s working at its maximum capacity. Today, Brian from Keller Services is telling us how to inspect your condensing unit and what to notice. […]

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How to Prevent Common Maintenance Disasters | Ask the DFW Property Management Expert

One of the things we do at McCaw Property Management is to have an HVAC company service our air conditioning units twice a year. These seasonal inspections and tune ups protect the properties we manage. The vendor we use is Keller Services, and today we have Brian explaining how these inspections can prevent common maintenance […]

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Air Filters – Costly Mistakes Dallas Homeowners Make

  Part of managing a rental property is making sure the HVAC system is working properly. At McCaw Property Management, we turn to Keller Services for that maintenance. Today, Brian from Keller is talking about air filters and mistakes that rental property owners typically make. […]

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SEER Explained | Ask the DFW Property Management Expert

With our HVAC questions, we turn to Brian at Keller Services. People often ask about the SEER at properties. They want to know what the SEER rating is, and if you don’t know how to answer that, Brian is going to help explain what it means. […]

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