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What to Look for in an AC Unit in Dallas | Ask the Property Management Expert

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We have clients buying houses in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, and one of their questions is usually about the cooling system. They want to know how to buy an air conditioning unit, and what they should look for with the unit that’s in the property. We knew there was no one better to ask about this than our preferred vendor, Brian. He’s the owner of Keller Services, and he’s going to tell us what we’re looking for in an air conditioning unit when we’re buying a house.

Age and Condition of the Unit

First, look for the age and condition of your unit. Make sure it has been installed properly. There’s not a lot you can tell just by looking at it when you’re not a professional. You might want to hire someone to give an opinion and check the operation of the unit. Then, you can judge whether you will need a new one immediately, or when you’ll have to replace it.

Check Air Filters and Coils

When you’re buying a new house, you’ll probably be able to determine whether you’re getting a new air conditioning unit or an old one. Make sure you check the air filters. If they are extremely dirty, there’s a good chance that the inside of the system is also dirty. Take a look at the blower motor to make sure it’s clean. Open the unit and check for whether the evaporator coil has been cleaned and if the outside condenser is clean. Your air conditioning technician will go through an extensive checklist during a routine inspection.

air-conditionerDon’t be afraid of the air conditioning unit when you’re buying a property. When you’re acquiring a unit with your house, you are looking for functionality, maintenance, and an idea of how long it will be before you’re replacing that air conditioning unit.

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