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End of Tenancy Cleaning


Landlords and tenants have shared responsibilities in maintaining the upkeep of the property. As a landlord, it’s your duty to provide a habitable living space for your tenants. Similarly, tenants should be responsible for keeping the property in its best and cleanest condition throughout the duration of their stay.  Ideally, when the lease term ends, […]

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What Makes Wichita Falls an Attractive Place to Live

If you’re thinking about moving to north Texas, you might want to consider making Wichita Falls your home. The county seat of Wichita County has a population of just over 104,500 as of the 2010 census. Located near Sheppard Air Force Base, this growing community has a lot to offer residents. Here are some reasons […]

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What Maintenance Issues are Emergencies?


A rental property requires extensive routine maintenance, which may require attention at all times during the day and night. As a landlord, it is your duty to provide a habitable and secure home for your tenants. This suggests that you need to handle service requests quickly. If you are the owner of an investment home, […]

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Pricing Your Dallas Home to Rent

You must set a suitable rental value whether it is your first time marketing a rental or advertising a vacant unit. The best deal will lure potential tenants while also generating sufficient cash flow for running the property effectively. Selecting a competitive price for your investment home necessitates a comprehensive understanding of the Dallas rental […]

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How to Advertise Your Dallas Rental Property Successfully

To become a successful rental property owner, you must improve your occupancy rate and minimize vacancies. When your rental property is occupied, it generates income and cash flow that are needed so you can pay for your expenses. However, even if your rental home is vacant, you still need to pay for the expenses that […]

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What To Include In A Rental Agreement

A lease agreement is a set of rules that both parties,  the landlord and tenant, agree to abide by during the entire term. Typically, a lease runs anywhere between six months and a year. It is a legal contract! A lease can be established either verbally or through a written agreement.  As a landlord, it’s […]

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