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CDC Eviction Moratorium

McCaw Property Management CDC

The Covid-19 Pandemic has hit everyone very hard and forced us all to adjust and adapt. This is especially true for renters and landlords who have both seen declines in income. Sadly, many people lost their jobs since the start of the pandemic making it hard for them to keep up with monthly bills and […]

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1031 Exchange for Real Estate Investing: The Ultimate Guide

1031 Exchange in real estate McCaw Property Management

A “1031 exchange” is a nickname used to discuss Section 1031 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service’s tax code. To many real estate investors, it’s an incredibly useful tool, especially when trying to leverage their rental properties. Basically, it can allow an investor to save up to 30% in combined state and federal taxes. A […]

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How to Make the Perfect Rental Agreement in 7 Steps

McCaw Property Management Write the Perfect Rental Agreement

A lease agreement is a legally binding contractual agreement between a landlord and a tenant. Basically, it sets out the terms and conditions of the agreement. This can include conditions such as the rights and responsibilities of each party in addition to the rent and security deposit amount. Both parties must adhere to all terms […]

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Should You Allow Your Tenant to Rent Month-to-Month?

month to month lease

The pros & cons of month-to-month lease agreements As a landlord, you may find yourself wondering what type of lease agreement should you offer your tenants. Is a shorter-term lease, such as a month-to-month lease, the best fit for you? Or would a longer one, such as a one-year lease, more suitable for you?  To […]

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Most Common Tenant Complaints (and How to Resolve Them)

Resolving Tenant Complaints

Whether you’re a new landlord or seasoned at managing your rental property, tenant complaints are inevitable. Given this fact, you need to learn proactive ways to avoid common problems cropping up over and over again. Being able to quickly resolve complaints can encourage tenants to keep renewing their leases. It also elevates your professionalism and […]

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Texas Rent Increase Laws

texas rent increase laws

Rent regulation laws aim to keep housing affordable. Generally speaking, a rent regulation system involves four main elements: price controls, eviction controls, landlord and tenant responsibilities, and an oversight system. […]

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How to Vet a Tenant’s Rental History

How to Vet a Tenant's Rental History - Article Banner

Part of any good tenant screening process is looking at a rental history. The way a resident has performed in the past is an excellent indicator of how that resident will perform in the future. When you’re evaluating tenants for your Fort Worth rental property, make sure you’re taking a close look at rental history […]

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4 Benefits of Hiring a Property Management Company

A reliable management company adds to the quality of your life. You can enjoy better cash flow since the management company can help with avoiding vacancies. Freeing up your time can help you move on to your next goal without worrying about repairs or problem tenants. Time is money, and by finding the right property […]

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Is Fort Worth a Good Place to Buy Rental Property?

Is Fort Worth a Good Place to Buy Rental Property? - Article Banner

Fort Worth is a rental market full of opportunities for investors, whether you’re new to residential real estate or an experienced owner who is growing a portfolio. We work with a lot of local investors as well as buyers who are out of state or even out of the country. They recognize the value of […]

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