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Air Filters – Costly Mistakes Dallas Homeowners Make

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Part of managing a rental property is making sure the HVAC system is working properly. At McCaw Property Management, we turn to Keller Services for that maintenance. Today, Brian from Keller is talking about air filters and mistakes that rental property owners typically make.

Air Filter Choices

Usually, you can find cheap air filters that cost a dollar and then more expensive filters that are $20 or more. The difference is the MERV rating, which tracks how much dust, pollen, and allergens that the filter keeps out. With a cheap filter which we call a throwaway filter, you can see through it and pour sand through it. So, if you can pour sand through it, what exactly is it stopping in your system? The best thing this filter can do is get really dirty so it filters better. We like to use a pleated filter which is a MERV 8. This isn’t the best or most expensive filter, but it does the job. We put this in to keep dust and allergens out of the system. It’s well-built and it filters enough that it’s worth it.

Consequences of Not Changing a Filter

A filter that’s never changed will look black. If you don’t change the air filter, the air conditioning system can suffer. More than likely, the evaporator coil will get clogged with dust and then it will get dirty. Cleaning an evaporator coil is expensive. It also leads to more expensive problems. That dust and dirt that’s on the evaporator coil will run down the coil and come out the drain. These drains have a trap in them which collects the dust. It can create a water issue because the drain gets backed up and overflows. Then, you have another costly repair.

For a couple of dollars, change your air filters, and you will save thousands of dollars. If you have a professional HVAC service and inspect your unit, you’ll know you’re getting them changed at least every six months. We recommend that you check them every month and change them every two or three months.

If you have any questions about how to avoid the mistakes that will cost you money on air conditioning, please contact us at McCaw Property Management.