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You must set a suitable rental value whether it is your first time marketing a rental or advertising a vacant unit. The best deal will lure potential tenants while also generating sufficient cash flow for running the property effectively.

Selecting a competitive price for your investment home necessitates a comprehensive understanding of the Dallas rental market. There are multiple ideas you can adopt to guarantee you’re charging the right value for your rental home in order to lure the most desirable tenants.

Continue reading to learn about the various factors to consider when determining the best rate for your unit.

Analyze comparables to determine appropriate rent.

Before reaching the ultimate decision on what rate to apply for your rental, one of the most important things to accomplish is to research the competition. Your concentration should target rentals that are as complementary to yours. 

So take the following aspects into account:


Analyze properties within the same neighborhood as yours. However, the best value could be reached by looking at those in the same part of the neighborhood as your investment. Also, consider that the more desirable a part of the neighborhood is perceived the higher the payable rates. 


How many bedrooms and bathrooms? You should analyze properties that are similarly sized to yours.

Type of build.

Are they single-family or multi-family dwellings? Single-family rental homes are generally more expensive compared to rentals in multifamily residences.

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The year of the build.

Consider new versus old constructions. Potential tenants are typically inclined to rent and pay more for apartments in newly constructed buildings.

Often landlords, especially new entrants are bombarded with questions regarding where they can look for comparables. You can easily look for comparables by:

Checking out online listings.

Online listing sites make it simple to find rental properties in your vicinity. Make note of the apartment units that are quickly booked, those that reduce their rates, as well as those that have been available on the market for weeks straight.

Conducting in person market surveys.

You might consider doing a door-to-door survey. This involves visiting several apartments in the neighborhood and comparing them to your unit. Seek clarification with the landlord about the level of interest shown in the property.

Seeking a property management company’s opinion.

A professional Dallas property management firm has the resources necessary to analyze the industry and how your property matches up into it. They may be aware of which properties are easily renting in the neighborhood and how your unit compares to the marketplace. Reach out to McCaw Property Management for a free rental analysis. 

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Set the price based on the perks.

Determine the applicable rent based on:

  • Measurement in square feet. The larger the square footage, the higher the rent.
  • View. Apartment buildings with a view of the lawn are preferable to those that face the driveway.
  • Layout. The layout of the unit or the building will affect rent price. 
  • Floor Level. Tenants often prefer units located on higher floors.  The sole exemption is if there is a walk-up. You will apply a price reduction after the third floor since tenants will not want to climb up and down the stairs.
  • Upgrades. Amenities make a big difference. Units with the latest appliances, marble or hardwood floors, or other luxuries rent faster than those without.
  • Extras. An extra closet, balcony or window makes a unit more desirable.

Profits are generated by the proper rent.

When it comes to property ownership, everyone has different expectations. Whatever your primary objective, the suitable rent must, at the very least, accommodate all of your property operating costs. Ideally, your rent price maximizes your ROI. The rent should include:

  • Your PITI mortgage payment.
  • Property upkeep and maintenance.
  • Vacancy fees.
  • Furthermore, property owners may be able to profitably pocket zero to six percent of the monthly rent.


Are prospective tenants inquiring about viewings?

Have potential tenants contacted you about viewing your property? If not, your rental fee could be partly to blame. 

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Potential tenants will avoid your property if your rent is excessively high. Potential tenants will move on to another property if your apartment lacks the location or facilities to justify the higher price.

The right rent is determined by market trends.

Establishing a rental rate is not a one-time incident. You must consistently track the market and customize the rent in response to demand.

A recession can also promote growth for smaller, less expensive apartments as people scale down. Another example is that during the summer, the demand for significantly bigger apartments may be higher because families are attempting to relocate before the start of the school year.

The general rule of thumb is that if your unit is in high demand, you can impose a higher rent. During low demand periods, you may be forced to lessen the rent to draw tenants.

Bottom line. 

Choosing a rent price determined by the total cost of converting your home into an income property as well as other rental rates in your neighborhood can assist you in achieving a positive profit while also finding tenants quickly.

This is possibly the most important aspect of becoming a landlord. In fact, it may impact the success of your property in the coming years. 

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Contact McCaw Property Management if you require assistance understanding the market or determining how to optimize your rate to attract the ideal tenants. We’d be delighted to assist you.

We are an experienced property management team with a wealth of experience and expertise that could assist you in optimizing the profitability of your real estate investment.