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Top 7 Amenities Renters Can’t Resist in Dallas

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Competing landlords in Dallas may price their rentals at the same rate. But what sets them apart from each other are the different conveniences they offer to a renter.

As each prospect will have different needs, they prioritize some amenities over others. For example, a family residing in a rental home will require more outdoor space for their kids to play in; a young professional may desire to live closer to the business district, and so on.

Considering the importance of offering modern and relevant amenities for all tenants so that you can build extra income in your rental business. We at McCaw Property Management have put together the top 7 amenities landlords should bear in mind when deciding to perform renovations on their Dallas rental space:


Ensure the Property has Proper Parking

Tenants are protective of their personal vehicles especially if they commute to work frequently. So, if your renters have cars, then they will need a secure parking space. So, if your property doesn’t have parking facilities, you should look to include them.

When building your parking area, landlords should also look to deter thieves since ending up with a damaged vehicle can be a great problem for renters.

nice driveway


Increase the Property’s Storage

Many renters, in particular families, appreciate having plenty of storage space. More storage in the property invariably reduces the volume of clutter and helps the renters keep everything clean and tidy.

If your tenants have kids, you need to have additional space to hold their possessions. The kitchen also needs to be equipped with plenty of storage for holding food packages and kitchen appliances.

When renovating your Dallas rental unit, ensure that you have sufficient shelves, cabinets, and closet space. Renters appreciate having these facilities, so they don’t have to shop for extra furniture and containers.


Kitchen upgrades

As the main area of the home to prepare meals, kitchens are expected to look attractive while remaining functional. So, when looking to perform renovations, improving the kitchen can lead to great results.

Ensure that your kitchen has a durable countertop, extra kitchen storage for food and appliances, and flooring that can withstand sudden water leaks and food stains.

Wear and tear can make your kitchen appear shabby so, a good place to start is by replacing older appliances with more energy-efficient ones.

improved kitchen


Provide an Outdoor Space

Being confined inside any home can be tiring for tenants. That’s why backyard areas, patios, balconies, and garden spots are so valuable. So, landlords looking to improve their rental properties should look to provide these facilities.

If your Dallas rental is small, you can always add vertical space by creating a rooftop area. Landlords should look to use their rental homes carefully and designate areas for renters to enjoy the outdoors.


Complex Amenities

Tenants get excited when a rental property includes access to a gym, pool, or common areas for recreation. This means that they don’t have to travel far and pay for exclusive membership to fitness and leisure centers.

Design your Dallas rental complex to include such amenities. Invest in lounge and fitness areas where the renters can get together and bond with families and friends easily.

If you have any questions regarding adding amenities or managing your property, you may want to consult with an experienced property management company such as ours at McCaw Property Management.

We have the experience and skills required to help you understand what amenities you can offer and how to implement them.


Improve Your Air Conditioning

In Dallas, it can get very hot in the summers and low in the winter. To create a habitable environment for your tenants, it’s essential to provide a functional air conditioning and heating system.

Choosing to have the systems centralized can be efficient in distributing the cool and heat when needed.

As air quality rises when using quality HVAC systems, this will make your tenants happy to live in a space where their comfort is maximized. Make sure to change the air filters from your centralized air conditioning and heating systems frequently.


Soundproof the Walls

Every tenant has the right to privacy. So, landlords can limit disturbances by providing soundproof walls.

Noise is often one of the top complaints that tenants face in rental homes. So, landlords will want to keep this issue out of the way. If your Dallas rental home is in a high traffic area where the population is dense then soundproofing your walls can really help your tenants.

The noise outside your rental area maybe not be within your control but taking steps to reduce outside commotion makes your rental attractive to prospects. So, if you’re renting out a multi-family unit, this is more important to protect your tenants’ peace.

soundproof walls


Bottom line

Investing in top amenities is a great strategy to differentiate your Dallas property from others and reel in quality tenants while minimizing vacancies.

If you study the immediate needs of the demographics you plan to welcome in your unit and provide the best amenities you can afford, you will create more rental value.

Additionally, you’ll also attract a wider group of prospects. If you’ve managed to rent out your home to quality renters, you can quickly earn back your ROI.

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