Landlord/Rental Property Registration in Dallas, TX – What is It?

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Recently, we have been getting letters from the city of Dallas asking us to register all our rental properties. You may have received these letters as well. This is nothing new to the Dallas/Fort Worth area as a whole, but it is new to the city of Dallas. It’s nothing to worry about; they are just playing catch up with the rest of the municipalities around here. Most of the communities have had some sort of landlord registration or rental property registration for at least 10 years. We have never had too many problems with this, and if anything, it shows that the community cares about the homes and the people who live in them. You’re required to provide a safe and secure home and not take advantage of tenants.

Registration and Inspection

It’s rare that the city asks us to do something in addition to registration. They will inspect the property and sometimes they’ll ask you to take care of certain items. Usually, these things are reasonable and not very expensive. The requirements are things you would do anyway if you knew about them. We’re talking about smoke detectors or inoperable windows that need to be replaced. Your Dallas-Fort Worth property manager can help you register and stay in compliance.

Fees and Opportunities

Don’t be afraid of this. The fee to register is typically around $50, and you can build that into your rent. Everyone’s rent could go up $5, and then you have your fee at the end of the year. Another positive thing about this is you get the opportunity to be the good guy. You can show these cities that landlords are not bad, evil people. When the inspector meets with you, be sure to provide a comfortable environment. Don’t be hostile or argumentative. Just show them that you care about your home and your tenants, and they’ll be good to you. They may rise to your level if there’s the potential for a conflict. So, be friendly and thank them for making sure you’re running a good property.

This is just the way it’s going to be the foreseeable future, so landlords will need to roll with it and be prepared. If you need further advice on this or anything regarding property management in Dallas-Fort Worth, please contact us at McCaw Property Management.