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Flooring Options for Your Rental Home | Fort Worth Property Management Education

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One of the most common questions we get from clients or from people just asking about owning rental property pertains to flooring. They want to know what type of flooring to put in a rental house.

The simple answer would be just to throw some cheap carpet in there, but that is really not the best solution. What we have learned is you need a durable product that’s going to last for more than one, two, or three tenants. You also want something that’s cost efficient. Fortunately, with the technology we have today, the flooring options are much broader than they were years ago.

In most properties, we will do a vinyl plank in the common living areas and places where there might be water from tubs or sinks. There are three types of vinyl plank flooring that work best.

Rental Property Flooring: Vinyl Plank Peel and Stick

Peel and stick flooring is one way to cut corners. This is the cheapest type of vinyl plank flooring, and a lot of DIY landlords use it. We don’t recommend this. It’s very thin and the challenge is that it’s going to show all the imperfections of the flooring. Also, the sticky part of it does not always stick. It doesn’t stay down very well and it will start to come up over time. We also think it looks horrible. It really is not the best option.

Rental Property Flooring: Glue Down Version

The option we typically go for is a glue down version. It has a rubber plastic feel, and you can get it with any kind of design. Wood flooring looks are the most common and it will even come textured so it feels like wood. It’s funny because people won’t even know it isn’t real wood flooring until they get down on their knees and start scraping at it.

This flooring lasts and is economical. The backing has a texture to it that requires special glue before we lay down the planks. It wipes clean and will sparkle and shine after every cleaning. Another great thing about this flooring is that if someone took a knife to it and started cutting it or someone dropped a hot iron to it, you can remove the ruined plank and set a new one down without having to redo the entire floor.

Rental Property Flooring: Consider Click Lock

Rental Property FlooringThe third option, which is becoming more popular thanks to technology, is a click lock version. It is a thicker plank to where there is a click lock system on the sides of each plank so the planks just lock together. If your floor isn’t perfectly smooth, this type of flooring will hide that. The planks also have a cork bottom which can tend to muffle the sound a little.

It’s a waterproof product that will not come apart if it gets wet. There is a clear coating, almost like plastic, that goes over it to protect it. The look is that of a textured wood. It’s hard to tell the difference to be honest, and it looks beautiful if you put it down in the house. We use it in a lot of our flips and higher end rentals. It’s a great product but a little more expensive.

All three of these products are found at your local hardware store or in one of the really good flooring stores out there.

If you have any questions about flooring or anything pertaining to property management in Fort Worth, please contact us at McCaw Property Management. We’d love to hear from you, even if you’re not a client. So give us a call.