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How to Write a Good Property Listing

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While marketing your rental property has never been easier, with the aid of technology and connectivity, it still presents a few challenges for new landlords. If you know how to wield your marketing strategy, then you’ll succeed by drawing more interested prospects. The goal of this article is to help you design a property listing that sparks the interest of potential tenants!

You might not think a well-crafted property advertisement would have a large impact on how potential renters view your property, but a lot of people can commit errors that could simply be avoided. This article focuses on providing great tips for creating a good property listing.

Importance of good property listings

Property descriptions inform the reader of the details of a rental property. Since going online is a common way for renters to find what they’re looking for, property descriptions can help potential tenants find properties in their budget and with the amenities they seek.

Additionally, a well-written property listing can enable you to reach your target market. By catering your listing to specific audiences, you are more likely to find quality tenants in your area.

Take quality photos of your rental space

What’s in a good listing?

Well-written property descriptions have a number of components and utilizing a majority of them provides potential tenants with a lot of important details. Property listings typically include:

  • Specific details on the property size, square footage, and location of the rental property.
  • Description of the rental property
  • Photos of the rental property

Using all these components is an effective way to gain prospective tenants. Viewers may not be immediately on the lookout for a rental. However, they might know someone in their network who’s looking for one. They can refer your property listing to someone they know if you manage to get their attention. The better the property description is, the more prospects you can attract.

Components of an effective property listing include:

A strong headline and title

Your headline must capture the attention of a viewer. Making a headline takes skill. You want the reader to focus on your headline in a sea of other competing ones. It’s important to know how to write a striking headline.

To attract a prospective renter, incorporate action words that draw people to engage further with your property listing. Be specific and detail-oriented to easily filter and reach your target tenants.

Your property listing is your first introduction to your renter. You want to leave a great impression.

Ensure your property listing title contains accurate details and it’s written in a powerful way that prospects are attracted to request a property viewing.

Focused property details

The property details should offer all the positive aspects of renting your property, as well as the technical aspects. In addition to writing down the square footage of the space, you should know why a tenant will want to rent your home or unit. You can mention that the property is centrally located with easy access to the public transport system. This is important for young professionals who are working in cities.

You can also highlight the number of rooms and storage in a single-family home, its outdoor spaces, and its parking area. These are high on the priority list of a family looking to rent a home. Another detail you can include would be the style of the rental space. Is it modern architecture or Victorian? What are the neighborhood amenities you can find in the area? You can also mention attractions near to your place.

Good property listings reach a wider audience

Note that you’re also marketing a lifestyle to your tenant. That’s why it’s essential to talk about the selling points in the neighborhood and what makes it appealing. Mention the local attractions, transportation access, distance to major roads, parks, shops, and playground. These details are normally what a prospect wants to learn more about.

Quality photos of the space

Visual impact can be obtained through high-quality pictures. That’s why you often see photos accompanying property listings. A great photo can make us pause to look at it in finer detail.

Photos provide a deeper way of looking at a property. Remember that you’re selling a lifestyle. Through pictures, prospective tenants can imagine themselves staying in the property on a day-to-day basis. This powerful tool should never be taken for granted considering its effectiveness to attract prospective leads.

If possible, you can search for a professional photographer to take captivating shots of the rental. If you find a talented photographer, you can count on the expertise and ability to use the best natural light and angles to your advantage. The best features of your rental will be showcased. Quality photos can be utilized in printed advertising materials such as magazines and newspapers.

Another marketing trend nowadays is creating a property video tour for more market reach. This saves everybody’s time and filters the serious renters. Attaching these video tours to your property listing can help viewers take in more interior details of the property. What’s more, videos tend to be realistic as a medium for marketing your rental home.

Include a call to action

Ending your property listing should be done with a sensible call to action. You want to inform prospective leads on how to contact you. Is it through a call or email? Would you want them to leave a number so you can contact them? The more specific your call of action is, the more leads you can generate for your rental property.

Highlight the best features of your rental property

Final Thoughts

A good property listing is your ticket to building a wide pool of prospects. If your property listing is successful, you’re one step closer to filling out your vacant rental unit.

Hiring a professional property management company like McCaw Property Management means that your property listings will be written in a consistent, high-quality manner. Additionally, you will have access to the resources of the property management company, including professional photographers.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you craft the perfect listing for your rental property!