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Use Professional Photography Services to Advertise Your Rental Property | Fort Worth Property Management Education

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At McCaw Property Management, we manage properties all over north Texas. I am not a photographer and would never claim to be, but today we’re talking about the importance of photography. I like taking pictures, and my skill level is above novice but definitely not professional.

This brings up a good point that we want to discuss with Fort Worth landlords and rental property owners. Your real estate agent or Fort Worth property manager is more than likely not a professional photographer, either. Most of us are focused on managing or selling your home.

Remember this when it’s time to take marketing photos. You want the pictures of your property to make a difference in your advertising strategy.

Pictures are Worth an Investment

Most prospective tenants today are using the internet to find their next home. When a tenant is online and scrolling through the various listings that they find, the first thing they’ll focus on is the pictures. You’ve probably heard that say – pictures are worth a 1,000 words. At McCaw, we believe that is 100 percent true. Prospective renters are clicking through tons of homes online and you want them to stop at your house long enough for them to understand and appreciate what your home offers.

Good pictures will help your listing stand out from all the other Fort Worth rental properties that tenants are viewing.

However, many property managers out there are not investing the few dollars it takes to produce beautiful photography. We think it’s worth the money to showcase your rental home and give potential residents a good idea of what your property is all about. We know that good photography will bring out the natural light and focus on the best angles so the person can really see what it looks like inside.

Camera Phones are Limited

Technology has certainly given us a lot of gifts, and one of those gifts is the smartphone which most of us could never live without. The camera that comes with your phone is great for snapping shots of your favorite meals and people. Unfortunately, we see a lot of owners using their iPhones to take pictures of the properties they want to rent out. These photos will look fine, but they aren’t going to pop. You need your house to pop because there’s a lot of competition when renting out homes, and you want the most qualified tenants to notice your listing.

Hiring Professional Photographers

Hiring Professional PhotographersAt McCaw Property Management, our goal during the leasing process is to ensure we get your property rented to the best people in the shortest amount of time and for the most money. One of the ways we do this is by investing in professional photography. We want your home to stand out. We have several photographers on speed dial that we use on a regular basis. We do this with every single property from the low end to the high end because it does make a difference. Your home will rent better with professional photography.

You don’t have to be one of our clients to reach out and ask for help. Contact us at McCaw Property Management if you have any questions about photography, leasing, or managing your Fort Worth rental home.