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Tenant Application Red Flags that every Dallas / Fort Worth Landlord Should Know

Tenant Application Red Flags Every Landlord Should Know - Article Banner

When you’re screening tenants for your Dallas/Fort Worth rental property, you’re going to check credit and criminal histories, verify employment and income, and talk to landlord references. As you’re going through your process, you want to pay attention to any red flags that get your attention. The tenants may have an explanation for these issues, […]

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Can You Choose Your Fort Worth Tenants?

Can You Choose Your Fort Worth Tenants

When you’re working with a professional Fort Worth property management company, you have the advantage of a thorough tenant screening process. You know your property managers are combing through credit reports, criminal histories, financial documents, and talking to former landlords. There’s no reason for a landlord with a property manager to choose his or her […]

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