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Benefits of Having a Property Management Team with Inhouse Maintenance

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When you rent out a property for someone else to live or work in, invariably, one of the main topics of conversation between yourself and your tenant will be regarding repairs. These repairs can cover any aspect of the property too, from a leaky faucet to damage to the roof.

Normally, a landlord would be required by law to manage these challenges themselves. After all, the statewide landlord-tenant laws make it very clear that it is you, as the landlord, who has the responsibility of keeping the property habitable.

But many landlords often opt to work with a property management company to ensure any repair work is fully completed and it’s even better if that property management company has an in-house team.

Today, we at McCaw Property Management will take through the benefits of why you should work with a property management company that has an in-house maintenance team – like ourselves at McCaw Property Management.

Control of the Schedule

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When you are managing an investment property it’s incredibly important to be mindful of your tenant’s peace. Should you forget, and disturb them frequently, it not only can damage your relationship with them, but it can leave you vulnerable legally.

So, when you need to repair or renovate the property, controlling the schedule is critical.

When you work with a property management company that has its own maintenance team, you can work with them to find the best time to perform the repairs both for yourself as a landlord and for your tenants.

When you control the schedule, you can control when the repairs are complete too. This means you can effectively set your tenant’s expectations and manage any costs. Additionally, in the event of an emergency, they can have a

Control Costs

If you are constantly having to work to build a network with different vendors and contractors, you will often find you need to negotiate the price of the materials or the cost of the work. You also may not be able to build relationships or guarantee when work will be completed, contractors as they keep to their own schedules.

This is why it is highly beneficial for landlords to work with property management companies that have their own repair teams.

With their own repair teams, property management companies can establish relationships to gain favorable discounts on materials or control the costs of the work. This means they can pass these savings to their clients.

Knowing They’re Insured

When you hire a contractor, you are taking it at their word that they are insured. However, as a great landlord, you should know for certain whether or not the person completing work on your property has the correct insurance.

When you work with a property management company that has its own maintenance team, like us at McCaw Property Management, you don’t need to worry. You can be assured that all contractors are fully insured, and rest easy knowing the responsibility for the insurance lies with someone else.

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When you work with a contractor, professionalism is important. Often these people will be spending extended time on your property and maybe even with your tenants. So, you want to be sure that these people display themselves in a professional manner and know how to work with the contractor.

If you are managing your property alone, then you would be responsible for ensuring you are sending the right kind of person into your property. But when you work with a property management company, they can ensure whoever they hire, is of the highest character.

Background Checked

Just like ensuring the contractor you use is professional, you want to ensure they have a clean history.

When you manage your property alone, this can be a challenge as accessing the relevant information can be both costly and time-consuming. But when you work with a property management company that already has its own maintenance team, the work is done for you.

Anyone who performs maintenance for McCaw Property Management is fully vetted with a clean history.

They’ll Know Your Property

Real estate is designed as a long-term investment. Not only does property tend to appreciate in today’s markets but the consistent cash flow coming from rent makes buying and holding real estate a very lucrative investment.

As a consequence, repairs and maintenance to your property are something you will have to be dealing with for the long haul. So, working with someone who can get to know the unique character of your property is in your best interest as a landlord.

So, when you hire a property management company like McCaw, a contractor gets this chance to get to know your property. They can understand the types of seasonal damage your property may take, or whether there are any special features that require specific maintenance.

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Bottom Line

Repair and maintenance are some of the most important aspects of effective property management. So, making sure the contractors you use are professional, knowledgeable, and effective is equally as important.

This is why using a property management company, with its own maintenance team, is a real benefit to any landlord. Rather than doing all this research yourself, you can rely on the property management company to provide you with a great contractor who will resolve these repair issues for you.

If you have any further questions or need professional repair assistance, contact us today!