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Quick and Easy Counter Upgrades for Your Fort Worth Rental Property

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At McCaw Property Management, we manage properties all over the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. One of the things we are always coming up on is needing to make rental property upgrades. Either tenants are rough on the properties or the property is just old and dated. So we are talking about what you can do to improve your property without incurring a big expense. One of the ways to increase income from home repairs is to upgrade countertops.

Resurfacing Existing Counters

We went into a house that was built somewhere around 1982. The house had its original countertops, which were really dated and looked like a butcher block laminate style of counter. We are in the process of resurfacing those counters, which is easy and inexpensive. It looks like we are painting them, and it allows us to keep what we have while giving it a new look. When we’re finished, these will look like brand new tops, and it costs a lot less than replacing all the counters.

Saving Money on Smart Upgrades

When you take a look at the finished product on these resurfaced counters in the bathrooms, you can really notice the difference. We started with one of the cultured marble tops that went with the seashell sink that was popular in the 1980s. It was really an ugly countertop. But instead of ripping it out and finding something to fit the space at the right price, we’ve resurfaced. It gives us a nice stone look which is polished and clean. It looks like a million bucks when it’s done. For a few hundred dollars, we resurfaced these countertops and we didn’t have to replace anything else. That saves us money on labor and the potential for damage when you are making large renovations. These also last for a long time.

Quick and Easy Counter Upgrades for Your Fort Worth Rental PropertyIf you have any questions or needs or you’d like help with Fort Worth property management, please give us a call at McCaw Property Management. You don’t have to be a client to get help from us – we’d love to talk to you.