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How Does McCaw Property Management Work with Investors in Fort Worth, TX?

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If you’re wondering how does property management work, we have a client with us today who has been working with us for a while, and we just finished up a remodel. We’re taking this opportunity to ask him about our relationship and what it’s like to work with us as an investor.

Identifying Investment Opportunities

McCaw Property Management found a property for me in a great community here, and everything went well during that first experience. Since then, we have continued to work together. This remodel is the third deal we’ve worked on, and my first duplex. McCaw is constantly giving me the information I need to make good decisions, and I’m always getting a good deal. Most of the time, I have equity right off the bat and I achieve the cash flow I’m looking for.

The Process of Working with McCaw

I live out of state, and that can be a huge challenge for investors. But Kyle showed me pictures and sent me an email about the duplex we just fixed up. Originally, it didn’t look good and I had no idea how he was going to turn it into an attractive rental property. The price he quoted for the rehab work was great, and I did the numbers and saw I would get a great ROI. I still didn’t see how it could be done, but I decided that would be Kyle’s problem. So, I bought it and he went to work as soon as we closed. Work was done the following week. I received pictures and updates through the entire process. Now, it’s a fully rehabbed unit and amazing. I think we’ll get what we expect in rent, and probably even more. I’ll be investing more with Kyle and McCaw. We have more to do.

how-does-mccaw-property-management-work-with-investors-in-fort-worth-txIf you have any questions about how we can help you reach your investment goals, or about anything that concerns property management in Fort Worth, TX, please feel free to contact us at McCaw Property Management.