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Is Fort Worth a Good Place to Buy Rental Property?

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Is Fort Worth a Good Place to Buy Rental Property? - Article Banner

Fort Worth is a rental market full of opportunities for investors, whether you’re new to residential real estate or an experienced owner who is growing a portfolio. We work with a lot of local investors as well as buyers who are out of state or even out of the country. They recognize the value of a Fort Worth rental home.

Let’s take a look at why Fort Worth is such a great place to buy a rental property.

Fort Worth’s Economy is Growing

In Fort Worth, you’ll find a diversified economic foundation, which includes several diverse industries. It’s important that when you’re buying property, you don’t buy in an area that survives on a single industry. What if there’s a downturn or a collapse? That won’t bode well for your investment.

Fort Worth is growing economically because of its investment in infrastructure and a business-friendly atmosphere. We’re a top region for aviation and aerospace, and we also have a lot of employers in the manufacturing and logistics sector. We have a strong military presence and an established natural gas industry. There’s no indication that any of this growth will slow, which means unemployment will remain low and the economy will remain strong. This provides investors the incentive they need to buy with confidence.

Geography: People Love Texas

Texas has always been a desirable place for people to live and visit, and Fort Worth is becoming a city that’s recognized for an outstanding quality of life and a diversity of employment and educational opportunities. The Dallas/Fort Worth area has an international airport, professional sports teams, and a warm and pleasant climate most of the year.

The market is also fairly steady, especially compared to other cities. You can buy an investment home for a reasonable amount of money and enjoy its growth in value. In markets like San Francisco and New York, there’s a lot of fluctuation, and investors can have a hard time weathering different situations. That’s not the case in Fort Worth. We’re more stable and a bit steadier, especially when it comes to the local real estate market.

Appealing Price to Rent Ratio

In Fort Worth, we also have a price to rent ratio that’s attractive to investors. If you look at what a house costs versus the rental income you receive, you’ll see that the numbers are pretty incredible. The return you earn on an investment property here is going to be far higher than what you’d earn in other markets.

Fort Worth Tenant Pool

tenant poolFort Worth has a demand for good rental housing, so you won’t have a problem keeping your Fort Worth rental property occupied.

As you’re putting together an investment strategy for Fort Worth, let us provide all the experience and knowledge we’ve gathered in the years we’ve provided local property management. We’d be happy to help, so contact us at McCaw Property Management.